The Five W’s of Event Marketing

What makes this event different from others? Why should one choose to invest time and money in this event, as opposed to the competition that surrounds it?

What is event

Event marketing has been transformed from an organizational afterthought to a professional discipline upon which the association depends for its very livelihood. And the association community, more than any other entity, has guided other types of five W’s of event management planners toward innovative and creative ways of attracting participation and the greatest by product—public awareness. 

Meaning of event marketing

Corporate meetings, religious retreats, civic celebrations, reunions, sporting events, fundraisers, technical and scientific symposia, product introductions, parades, awards, and honors dinners— all have benefited from the principles of five W’s event marketing begun by the pioneers of the art such as those described earlier and refined by the legions of association practitioners who have followed.

The five W’s of event marketing are critical to developing all promotional strategies. They must form the basis of all market research and development of the Five w’s of marketing message.

Here are five W’s of event marketing below:

Five W's of event marketing

1. WHY?

  • What is there for them
  • Emphasis Benefits
  • Personal Approach
  • Need

 When you look at promotional materials for five W’s of event marketing, the most glaring omission is often this essential element for encouraging attendance. You will probably see the name of the event, the organization’s logo, the dates, and the location. That should be standard procedure.

The opening message of virtually all promotional materials should feature the “why?” Why should someone take the time and spend the money to come to your five W’s of event? To answer that question, the five W’s of event marketing and five W’s of event management team for the event must determine the overriding reasons for the event itself.

In determining any Five W’s of marketing approach, whether it is an advertisement, a promotional video, a brochure, or a flyer, the process must begin with an analysis of the audience, the product, and the intrinsic assets of the event or the product that we want to promote.

2. WHO?

  • For whom ?
  • Target audience
  • Nature of the event

 To whom are we marketing the event? Your target audience may vary, depending on the nature of the product being promoted. For example, a national convention may be aimed at the entire membership, past and potential exhibitors, past and potential sponsors, and related organizations.

3. WHEN?

  • Time of the day
  • Day of the week
  • Day of the month

Timing is everything! The enlightened management team should make the five W’s of event marketing function an integral part of the planning process in order to maximize the value of timing of an event.

Strategies in planning the timing of an event are integral to the challenges faced in the Five W’s of event marketing process. And timing should also be carefully weighed in light of the schedules, patterns, and needs of the market being served. Scheduling conflicts with attendees present natural impediments to attendance.

Time of Day A

 reception, for example, used to be planned for the end of the workday (such as 5:30 to 8:00 P.M.), allowing time for guests to finish work and gather prior to a dinner or departure for home. Increasingly, however, receptions are planned for mid-afternoon until early evening (e.g., 3:30 to 6:00 P.M.), giving guests the option of (and excuse for) leaving the workplace a bit early, spending an hour or two at the event, and then leaving early enough for their evening plans. 

Days of Week

 You should consider the days selected for the five W’s of event marketing carefully, factoring in the demographics of your market. A business event attracting CEOs and others in positions of authority might be much more attractive to the audience on a weekday than on a weekend, because they likely have the flexibility of attending on a workday and may be less willing to give up precious personal weekend time for a non mandatory, business-related activity.

Time of Month

 When dealing with specific industries or professional constituencies, the time of month during which the target market is most available may be subtle, but critical.


  • Accessibility
  • Surroundings
  • Safety
  • Transportation

 Location can be a key asset in promoting an five W’s of event marketing. A banquet event in a downtown arena may be emphasized because of the availability of public transportation or valet parking. Promotion for a golf outing at a prestigious country club may well be emphasized as the “opportunity of a lifetime” playing the course, with the fundraising purpose of the five W’s of event an added advantage to participating.

Deciding on the right venue for your five W’s of event marketing can be a lengthy process requiring lots of investigation. However, the time spent doing this will be worth it and may save you trouble, disruption and unnecessary expenditure in the longer term. 

The location of the five W’s of event marketing can be a critical element in driving sales.

Among the assets you should look for as benefits to promote are: 

  • In urban areas, the availability of public transportation, valet parking, convenience, and efficiency of travel
  • In rural areas, a chance to enjoy panoramic views and pastoral scenery 
  • In shopping malls, an opportunity for centralized activities, ease of parking, and ancillary shopping and entertainment features to enjoy 
  • At resorts, the ambiance of pools, golf, upscale shopping, beaches, and gourmet dining 
  •  At airport hotels, the inherent efficiency of getting the work done with minimum travel and commuting time because of the fly-in, fly-out design of the location.

5. WHAT?

  • Is it relevant for TG
  • USP of the event

 Every event is unique unto itself, or at least the Five W’s of event marketing executives should present it as such. It may offer an opportunity to discover a new concept, a look into the future of the industry or trade, or a chance to view an innovative line of products and ideas. Regardless of the content you have identified, every event should be presented as refreshing and exciting.

Successful five W’s of event management are usually based on a strong concept and purpose. Ideas for holding Five W’s of event marketing arise from a multitude of reasons.

Your vision statement should be a short statement that describes, in broad terms, the five W’s of event marketing long term aim. The mission statement sits underneath this and gives more detail about how the vision will be delivered. These are important positioning statements and they need to be both concise and achievable.

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