Build an empire in the global with the help of marketing

Are you thinking about starting your own empire? Do you have any knowledge about marketing? Are you new to the market? Are you a beginner to learn things about marketing strategy? if yes then this article is perfectly fit for you.

In this article we will have basic idea about marketing and main focus on the these topics are:-

Fundamentals of marketing

Importance of communication skills

Global economy is important in marketing

Understanding Traditional Vs Digital marketing

The CATT marketing funnel & framework

Choose the right Niche

Integrated Digital marketing framework

Personal Branding

This article is for entrepreneurs, bloggers, professionals, students, mentors, and freelancers.

Fundamentals of marketing:-

What is digital marketing

Market is the place where you buy or sell goods and things. Marketing is the technique with help from them you are capable of buying goods and services.

Some tips regarding marketing:-

  • Marketing starts with the need for a product. It starts before creating the product. Marketing is old but some new things can modify the marketing terms like digital marketing etc.
  • Marketing is not about selling the things but can happy the existing customers and building trust with new customers.
  • Marketing is related to sales, advertising, Copywriting. If you learn the marketing skills you can sell any product or service in the market.
  • Marketing starts with a good product itself. Always have the main focus on the product not on the market. If the product is good then people buy itself.
  • Marketing is the process where you have to sell the right product to the right person at the right time . When you know that process exactly the product and service got up in the market.

Importance of communication skills:-

Importance of communication skiils

Communication skills are more important in good marketing. With the help of good communication skills you can reach your product to the target audience. If you’re capable of transferring knowledge about a product to the right audience the marketing starts itself. In communication skills doesn’t mean to have good in English. You are just able to transfer your thoughts whichever language your audience understood. With good communication skills you are able to share the right information about your product. You have to be capable of understanding the thoughts of the customer in his mind. To understand better target audience communication skills is a more important thing in marketing.

Global economy is important in marketing:

Global economy is important

Every entrepreneur should know about global economics. Entrepreneurs made decisions based on the global economy regarding products. First you have to do research on the economy so that the product is how much beneficial for the country and in the country who is your target audience. If you do all the research about the market, global economy the product gets high response from the customer. Every global economy has an important role regarding products. If you do a global economy survey very well then in the time of recession your company has low risk of factor in the market.

Understanding traditional vs digital marketing:-

Traditional marketing is the marketing where you can promote your product with the help of newspaper, magazine, business card, print ads, t.v., radio, posters, brochures, etc. We used traditional marketing from the last few decades but now only traditional marketing is not enough to popularize your product in the market. With the help of traditional marketing your customers are limited, not all the customer can know about your product. Your reach to the customer is limited So for better reach to the customer you need to promote your product with the help of digital marketing as well.

Difference btw Digital and traditional marketing

Digital marketing offers a high level of engagement and interaction with customers and this is also so effective. Digital marketing is the marketing where you can promote your product with the help of social media, videos or promote your service or product on the internet using various digital channels. With digital marketing at a one time you can interact with so many customers and that is limitless.

The CATT marketing funnel & framework:-

Wealth =n^CATT funnel

In marketing the first step is to choose a niche. Marketing success and wealth depends on how you choose your niche.

CATT marketing funnel

Here =n^CATT reference to n for Niche, C for content, A for Attention, T for Trust and T for Transaction.

First if the niche is ready then main focus on the content. If content is good you can reach the customer easily. Content should be clear , simple and understandable language . After that interact with customers with the help of SEO, social media, paid ads and promote your product as much as you can. When customers have interaction with you then try to build trust with them by marketing automation, retargeting, and conference at all. After the last step, convert your lead into customers with natural sales methods . Always last output should be your valuable and trustable customer.

Choose the right Niche:-

For choosing right Niche you should have to focus on the main three things that is:-

  1. Talent
  2. Market
  3. Passion
How to choose right niche

You have to ask questions with yourself likeDo you have talent for this product? Is the right market for your product? Do you have passion regarding the product?

After that if you got all three question answers then your niche test is right. Your niche should be a combination of these three things.

Integrated Digital Marketing Framework:-

Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

CATT funnel works as an integrated digital marketing framework. In an integrated digital marketing framework the main purpose is to create awareness regarding your product. In this first you have to ready your content, after that you have to do some paid advertising to get some leads. In some time you have to promote on social media. With the help of social media and SEO you can get such good traffic towards your product. With email marketing, build trust with the customer. This channel shows all levels of marketing. This all marketing terms directly connected with the leads. That all leads with the marketing method like sell can convert in to the reliable customer.

Personal Branding:-

build your personal brand

Personal branding is so much important. With the help of personal branding you can rise to many brands with yours influence. Personal branding can not be sold out. After having personal interaction with customers the customer wants to hear from you not from the brand.

In the process of evolution of personal branding it flows some steps:-

evolution of personal branding
  • Learn:- In the beginning of the evolution of personal branding the first step is learn new things and acquire new skills. So that you can group up in the market with your own techniques.
  • Work:– When you learn something then work on your skills and implementation up to them. Start your work on new projects, as a freelancer. Whatever you learned, apply them.
  • Blog:- Blogging can help in the market to be aware about you. Write down what you learned because on the blog your concept becomes more clear and strong.
  • Consult and mentor:- After learning and blogging have to start consulting. Consultant for other businesses can help your skills become more sharp . Mentoring builds your new image in the market. And mentoring people can build people’s trust on you.
  • Startup:- Evolution of personal brand last step is start up. In the end you have complete knowledge about the market and your skills, so that you can easily start your own business and services.

After the MassTrust blueprint of personal branding you can never fail in the market.

It’s all about marketing. Every entrepreneur should know about these strategies.

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